Aquafaba Ghost Meringues
  • Easy

  • 60 mins

  • 230

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not make these ghoulish meringues with your leftover aquafaba! Perfect for any...
Potato Starch Citrus Galette
  • Normal

  • 40 mins

  • 262

Sweet and sour is the perfect combination for a dessert which basically describes this Potato starch citrus Galette recipe which...
Vegan Shakshuka - The Best Israel Traditional Food
  • Easy

  • 30 mins

  • 254

Shakshuka is an Israel simple dish made of gently poached eggs in a delicious chunky tomato and bell pepper sauce....
Vegan Hot Chocolate - The Best Drink Ever
  • Easy

  • 18 mins

  • 228

There’s no better way to #treatyoself than an indulgent hot chocolate! And if it’s also cruelty-free and does not...
  • Easy

  • 30 minutes

  • 243

During these boiling heated summer days, a healthy, fresh dish would be the perfect cure you are seeking. Thus, here...
Power Gyozas - Traditional Japanese Dumpling
  • Easy

  • 50 mins

  • 261

Do you like Gyozas? If the answer is yes, than you’ll love this recipe! We like to call these...
Lahmacun - Turkey's Best Seller Recipe
  • Normal

  • 120 mins

  • 342

Lahmacun is also known as “Turkish Pizza”, the main ingredient is pureed meat combined with flat bread. This is the...
Chocolate Almond Butter and Chia Seed Jam
  • Normal

  • 40 phút

  • 167

Bánh socola bơ hạnh nhân và mứt dâu hạt chia là gì? Món bánh socola bơ hạnh nhân vừa...


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